takotsubo35 (takotsubo35) wrote in alonendepressed,

my timing is always off

i know people know
how much it hurts
when someone you love
breaks up with you
or something of the like

but i don't think people understand
how much it can hurt
when you don't know what it's like
to be loved
to never have loved anyone
to never have had a relationship with someone

i always find out
that the people i like
already have a girlfriend
or are dating someone

time and time again
it's like i have some gift
of finding people
who are already involved

and i know it's wrong
but i've been talking to this kid
who already has a gf

but even so he talks to me as well

it's enjoyable at times
but then i get confused
because i realize that it isn't real
and that it's never going to be something

or i don't know
maybe somewhere way down the road
if they ever break up
it may become something

but i've had no luck so far
and i feel like i'll never have it

i'll never have what i want
because i'm always that girl that gets skipped over

the confusion makes me feel more alone
than before i started talking to him

i guess because i was at peace
with my loneliness before

and my stupid head
got some hope
when we started talking

i hate how alone i become

and it always seems
that whenever i need people the most
no one is ever around
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