g0thx0r (g0thx0r) wrote in alonendepressed,

 i tell people i hate myself and they tell me not to be silly.

yet they all wonder why i never seem to be happy any more, and why i can't gather the enthusiasm to do anything anymore. apathy has taken over. i wait for it to go away, but it seems stubborn. oh well. it's not like i care really.
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maybe they just don't get it. and they think they do.

it might be more strategic to interact with different people. maybe a depression support group, in person.

maybe they think you are "silly", but they are the ones that are silly. they might think they are helping, but maybe that is because they are so in love with themselves that they have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

of course i ain't no psychologist, nor have i ever interacted with them. so i do not have the legal right to diagnose them. (fine). but just some feedback.

yes, i do not feel happy or enthusiastic anymore either. and a lot of the times i feel apathetic. like nothing matters. like nothing i do matters. maybe the apathy is justified.

SSRIs and MAOIs sometimes help clinical depression. sometimes they hurt.

a psychologist could help. or hurt.

and maybe you are justified or correct to not feel happy or enthusiastic.