hannaremnant (hannaremnant) wrote in alonendepressed,

wow...I'm not that depressed

I think it depends on who you spend time with (physically or through the internet) that affects how you think. It's weird but I revert to old habits  -TV, Internet when I feel down, but I can't survive with them as my only source of outlet. I'm an embarrassment to those who know me, but I try to avoid thinking much of it. Hmmm....I was kind of searching for depressed people and what they'd write. Sorry, but I did not expect to read or see desperation to such fearful levels...so I guess I'm just too comfortable with being who I am as I am. There's always chances for me to change I guess, but there's always new developments in that sector. I'm not yet an official adult yet. I'm in the midst of that painful process. jk. So don't feel so alone or depressed without me!! pathetic, I know, always trying to fit in somewhere.
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