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Yankee is a four letter word

I'm quite lonely
A little back ground I guess. I'm from DC, went to the air force academy, got a degree in bio chemistry but not a slot for medical school so because I was medically qualified I went to pilot training. They sent me to Columbus Mississippi and every friend I had at the Academy either went to grad/medical school or Laughlin. I had a great girlfriend when I moved here, but she hinted that she wanted to get married and I wasn't ready and you know how that ends... That was August of last year. I've been single since.
I don't like to drink/party, and was never a part of any party scene. Unfortunately that's almost all anyone does around here, so it's been kind of hard to make new friends. Pilot training is very stressful job, but I'd rather be there than at home. Weekends come and go and I spend them by myself. The highlight of the weekend is going to the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
My family is just too far away to make visiting practical.
I don't know if I'm depressed. I think I'm just lonely. Everyone says it really is better to be single during pilot training so I can focus... but sometimes you just want someone to talk to about anything, you know?
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