cwojo181818 (cwojo181818) wrote in alonendepressed,

I'm not sure...

If I have introduce myself, but I figure its about time.
I'm Chelsea.
I'm 18.

I'm not sure if I'm bipolar, but sometimes I feel on top of the world and others I just feel SOOO down. I get so lonely and sad. I get stressed and anxious. A lot of the time I really just need someone to talk to. It doesnt matter if its about me or them. I just need a nonjudgemtnal open minded true friend. I love to listen. I would like to get to know a number of people for who they truely are. Everyone has such interesting stories and opinions and philosophies. I'm really easy to talk to and get along with if people would just let me in.

Anyways thats me.
Thanks guys.
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Hi Chelsea, welcome to the group.
I know how you feel, what's on your mind?
I dont know its just that sometimes my life dwells on me.

Just two years ago I was so close to my goal. I moved to southern california. In the city and try to be a singer. I was so excited when I got there. I (doing this anyways all my life) sang for hours daily. I walked around the city whenever I wanted. I got good grades. I felt safe where I was. Twas the start of my downfall though. I didnt make any friends and it made me really self concious and lonely. especially since a lot of people gave me dirty looks from my style.

When I met my bf and his friends it was the first group of people that I clicked with. Now I live with my bf and since we're complete opposites he doesnt take interest in a lot of the things I do and he can be very discouraging. Also I need friends in this new town and I still havent made any. I've lived here a year, went to college half that time and still havent found anyone who wants to hang out with me....
I just feel like no one understands who I am and dont care about who I want to be.

add you??
Moving to a new place is generally difficult. I have had to do that a few times in my life for different reasons, and each time presented its own new challenges. I think it is great that you are channeling your energies into productive aspects of life like school, and singing. I love to sing but I am a horrible singer. I don't care though, I sing for my enjoyment rather than anyone else.

I have been in a similar situation in my past, but it has been a long road getting to where I want to be, however it has been a very fun journey. So, to put you on the spot, who are you and who do you want to be?