cwojo181818 (cwojo181818) wrote in alonendepressed,

I'm not sure...

If I have introduce myself, but I figure its about time.
I'm Chelsea.
I'm 18.

I'm not sure if I'm bipolar, but sometimes I feel on top of the world and others I just feel SOOO down. I get so lonely and sad. I get stressed and anxious. A lot of the time I really just need someone to talk to. It doesnt matter if its about me or them. I just need a nonjudgemtnal open minded true friend. I love to listen. I would like to get to know a number of people for who they truely are. Everyone has such interesting stories and opinions and philosophies. I'm really easy to talk to and get along with if people would just let me in.

Anyways thats me.
Thanks guys.
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