takotsubo35 (takotsubo35) wrote in alonendepressed,


i went to school out of state
but i graduated last year

now i'm home with absolutely no friends
while they are all either still in school
or living in New England

i think my closets friends are a 4.5 hr car ride away
sadly i need them enough that i'd be willing to make that trip
on many whims
but i have issues & don't drive
so that keeps me stuck here

it took me until my last yr of college
to finally feel like i had good friends
so graduating sucked bc i feel like i'll never have that again

it seems like i always need people
more than they ever need me

& i can't help but feel that my friends are forgetting about me
it sucks that they are/were the most important people in my life
but i'm no where close in theirs
they don't 'need' me
so it's understandable that they'll forget

i wish i could believe that we'll stay close
and still be good friends
but the matter of the fact is
that every day that passes
makes us that much further apart
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congratulations on graduation. what did you major in?

why can't you make more friends?
why can't you take public transportation to visit your former friends?
why can't your former friends drive to visit you?
besides, even if you went over there, you would sooner or later leave.

with several exceptions, i did not meet friends at all during college. everyone turned out homophobic, extroverted, judgmental, or something like that.