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Well I won't go so far as to say I am depressed... but I do get depressed from time to time. I am 27 and I stress out easily... I really (honestly) have no life. I work, then go home. I loooove to relax, so usually that's all I want to do once I am home.

I get asked out by friends to go hang out, and alot of times I say no thanks (the reason used to be because I had social anxiety)... now, "no" has just become my habitual first response. Well... now people just don't ask me to hang out anymore because I guess they've caught on to the fact that I'm "the girl who always says no".

I have a couple of close friends (really, they are my sister's friends that have become my friends) and I hang out with them kind of often... but they (and my sister) are moms, and all they want to do is be away from their husbands, talk about kids, diss marriage and men, etc. I hate it and stress out over it because I prefer to hang around guys and have some beers, but it's hard to when the only friends I have want the exact opposite. And it doesn't help that my best-guy-friend is such a game player... he's never clear on what he wants or wants to do.

When I try to socialize it's hard, because everyone's already moved on. I feel crippled now days, because I've messed up in the past with my "no" habits, thus really missing out on my 20s, and never gave myself the chance to figure out who I am or HOW I am. And now that I want to fix that and start my life... it's hard, because there's no one around to share it with.

Really sucks.
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