usefulnomore (usefulnomore) wrote in alonendepressed,

really alone.

I just told my many boy toys to take a hike. I want my new year to start off right, alone and waiting on the person I'm suppose to be waiting on. Now my phone will stop ringing and I'll go back to where Im going and hopefully I won't get depressed since I'll be there all alone.

I don't have many friends, usually only guys. Now its New Year's Eve and I'm really alone. There's a party going on at my house, but I've just taken my sleeping pills and I'm ready to be alone.
It's also this town that brings me down. Its cold, raining, and brings back memories of my father. I'm ready to be back where I belong, and that's not in the town I grew up in.
But its time for me to be a better person about things, and having those guys in my life, was doing nothing but bringing me down even more. I just want things to be right.
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